How to Make a Bridesmaid Rose Bouquet

The female members of the wedding party often carry bridesmaid bouquets. Bridesmaids carry these bouquets when they walk down the aisle in front of the bride. The bridesmaid's bouquet can be a smaller replica of the bridal bouquet or altogether different. The flowers in a bridesmaid's bouquet can be chosen to match the dresses worn by the bridesmaids. The rose comes in a variety of colors. This gives the bridal party a better chance at finding a complementary or coordinating color for the dress.


1. Strip the roses. Use your hands or the stem stripper to pull off all the leaves and thorns on the rose stems.
2. Arrange the flowers. Take the four white roses and make two rows of two flowers in each row. The roses will form a box shape. Hold onto the white roses and begin to place two of the the colored roses between each of the stems of white roses. The colored roses will encircle the white roses.

3. Tape the roses together. While holding the stems perfectly still, place the beginning of the florist tape 3 or 4 inches from the top. Pull the tape around the stems. Slightly overlap the end point of the tape with the beginning of the tape. Use scissors to cut the excess tape. Do this again 4 inches from the bottom.
4. Cut the stems. Use the scissors to cut the stems evenly across the bottom. This should be below the second piece of florist tape. The stems can be left as long as the bride or bridesmaid desires.

5. Tie the bow. Cut a piece of silk ribbon about 18 inches long. Tie the ribbon around the middle of the flower bouquet. Decide how long you want the ribbon's ends to hang. Cut the ends of the bow on a diagonal angle.



How to Wear a Veil With a Chignon

A chignon is a classic, romantic and feminine hairstyle which can be worn in different ways--from casual to elegant. A chignon is a bun that is pinned to the back of the head, near the nape of the neck. It can be pinned to the side and also directly to the back. Chignons are very popular for brides and bridesmaids, as they pull the hair up off of the face.


1. Decide on Types of Chignons and Veils
Decide where you would like your chignon placed: to the side, or directly in the back. Decide what type of chignon you would like. Chignons can be formed with braids, curls, and the basic twisted ponytail. The type of chignon you decide on should match the overall aesthetic of your clothing. For a more romantic and fancier look, a curled chignon creates a softer and more feminine appearance. A braided chignon makes it easy to attach hair accessories such as jewelery and flowers, as well as giving a more medieval appearance. The basic twisted chignon can be made to be loosely pinned for a more casual appearance, or tightly twisted for a sleeker one.

2. Make your chignon. For a braided chignon, braid your hair low on the nape of your neck, and twist it into a bun. For a basic chignon make a low ponytail on the nape of your neck, twist it into a bun and pin it. For a curled chignon, curl your hair with a curling iron if necessary, and then loosely twist your hair into a bun at the nape of your neck. Secure the bun and the curls with pins.

3. Choose the type of veil you would like. The type of veil you can wear with your chignon will depend on the type of chignon you choose. Having a very long veil will necessitate either a larger headpiece for the veil, or a more tightly pinned chignon, so that it can carry the weight of the veil. A shorter half-veil will be lighter and is very well suited to looser chignons, such as curled or loosely twisted chignons.

4. Pin the headpiece of the veil to the top of your head. You need to pin the top part of the veil--which is usually banded--so that the crest of the veil--the border between the veil cloth and the band--is slightly perched, 1½-inches above the hairline of your forehead. It is important to properly place the veil above the hairline so that the veil is not too low or too high. A too high veil will create an odd bump on the top of your head where the veil and the band meet, and a too low veil will make it difficult to keep the veil in place. The band should be close to the center of the top of your head.

5. Lift the veil so that the cloth portion is draped over the back of your head, and no longer covering your face.

Comme des Garçons and Hussein Chalayan, Together at Last

Christian Dior once said the perfume a woman wears speaks volumes about her personality, but when its creators are among the founding fathers of modern avant-garde fashion, the findings of this sniff test will prove harder to pin down. Airborne, the olfactory lovechild between Hussein Chalayan and Comme des Garçons, is certainly as conceptual as its progenitors, but the result is a far cry from the dreaded "acquired scent" diagnosis that has befallen similarly experimental fragrances.

The packaging’s white exterior opens up into a vibrant, colorful coastal scene recalling Chalayan’s native Cyprus. Likewise, at the heart of the fragrance is a fail-proof concoction of lemon, bergamot, musk, and cedarwood, inspired by a topographical study of the island that exposed a broad variety of plant life and other natural elements.

Yet the juice might be most interesting for its ability to evolve over time. “[Airborne] attempts to capture a sense of my journeys from Cyprus to London... [and] how these ingredients could incur change during and after an air journey,” explained Chalayan, who named the fragrance after his fall 2007 collection. “It blurs the lines between time and place. . .It [can] connect you to a familiarity of the past, or a possible unknown world of the future.”


Get Inspired with New Beauty Trends from London Fashion Week

As with all things English, the beauty looks at London Fashion Week was mix of classic style and daring innovation. Models were seen sporting beautiful bronzed tones at the English institution Burberry and precious peach cheeks at the talented Christopher Kane’s show. Several brands took inspiration from the 1950s and gave their girls light-blue eyeshadow while elsewhere lips got stained.

Matte lips and waxy skin
Perfect for spring garden parties or summer rooftop festivities, this look packs a punch. One of the easiest to recreate, simply use a full coverage foundation, a lot of luminiser and a swipe of matte lipstick. For a compelling but not over-the-top look, wear bold lips and waxy skin with textured hair or a tight pony.

Bronzed and beautiful
Burberry, Matthew Williamson and Roksanda Ilincic all told us to forget the fake tan and instead pull out the bronzer. Work your bronzer across the cheeks and if you feel like you need a little more sun, dust some over the bridge of the nose and temples.

Peachy Cheeks
New York was all about orange blush while London presented a fresh, fun take. Pretty, peachy cheeks adorned the girls at Christopher Kane, Issa London and Jaeger London. Wear high on the cheekbones for a flattering pop of colour.

Stained Lips
For girls on the go give stained lips a try. One bold application of Benefit’s top-seller Benetint in the morning and you’re set for the rest of the day. Use the brush applicator or a cotton tip for a precise pout.

Light blue lovelies
Blue eyeshadow is back. At Louise Gray models sported a blue cat eye, at Pringle of Scotland models had blue in the contours of the eyes, and at Michael van der Ham the shadow was worked into the inners of the eyes. Light blue eyeshadow works best when there isn’t too much other colour on the face, so we recommend a light sweeping of shadow over the lids and paired with a pretty gloss.


How to Keep Healthy

Many of us suffer needlessly when it comes to our well-being or physical health. In most cases this can be attributed to a lack of knowledge about our lifestyle to include our eating habits along with physical activity. If we learn how to keep healthy, our lives would be so much more enjoyable. With minor tweaks in the way we approach our health and wellness, we can live a much more productive life, not only physically, but mentally as well as spiritually. To do this, we must adhere to good habits that include diet, exercise, eliminating stress, and coping with or eliminating diseases and conditions.

With so many places to find a fast meal, it is hard to maintain control of your eating habits when coupled with a fast pace lifestyle. We do need food to provide the energy our bodies need, but it is our choices that ultimately help or harm us. From increasingly large burgers to fried chicken, we are bombarded with endless quick meals. However, we must give our body what it needs and not what our taste buds want. A good diet limits the amount of meat intake and increases the amount of fresh fruit, vegetables, seeds, and nuts to keep your system running smoothly.

The other key component to keeping healthy is regular exercise. You don’t have to be a gym rat or anything of that nature, but you must develop some type of workout. It can be something as little as walking. You just need to get your heart rate up for a good 20 minutes to really burn calories and get the blood flow pumping. Taking just 30 minutes of your day is all you really need. You can do as little as 3 to 4 days a week or make it a daily routine. Set a goal to exercise 30 minutes a day. If you eliminate 500 calories from your daily diet and burn 500 calories from daily exercise, you can average the loss of two pounds a week! This can become a habit that you wouldn’t mind having.

Eliminate stress
Our bodies are not equipped to deal with stress on a routine basis. Constant stress can lead to a rise in blood pressure which increases your chance for a stroke or a heart attack. It also affect the blood cells that aid in fighting infections. These weaken cells leave you helpless against common colds, other illnesses, and medical conditions.

Manage, Avoid, or Eliminate diseases and other medical conditions
Having a disease or a medical condition can severely affect the quality and quantity of your life. Diseases like diabetes and high cholesterol can take a heavy toll on your body. Conditions such as arthritis or heartburn acid reflux may appear as a minor inconvenience, but the continuous affect on your body can make for serious long-term health problems. Take steps to listen to your body when it talks to you. When you feel pain or notice a difference in your overall health, your body is warning you of something that has it off balance and needs your attention. Don’t hesitate to call your doctor. The earlier you respond to these warnings the better.

There is no big secret on how to keep healthy. If you take care of your body, it will do the same for you in return. It is best that you take every measure possible to lead a healthy lifestyle. Avoid things that are not good for the body or moderate your intake to eliminate long term damage that can arise from it. If you are not managing your diet, exercising, and remaining stressed-out, it is only a matter of time before your body falls ill. Be proactive and keep healthy by treating your body right.


Big Beauty Tasks

Mask Task

The powers of the deep blue sea: For millennia, oceans have been a source of therapeutic benefit for those that indulge them. Now, Shu Uemura brings the ocean to your beauty cabinet.
The Japanese beauty and skincare pioneers have created an Intense Moisture Filling Mask as a part of their Depsea Hydrability range.
Formulated with three seaweed extracts rich in proteins, lipids and minerals, along with the nutrient-rich Carrageenan algae extract, the mask instantly moisturises dehydrated skin. Using innovate technology, Shu Uemura formulated microspheres of hyaluronic acid that penetrates layers of the skin for maximum hydration.
Perfect pre-party, or as a skin pick-me-up, this refreshing mask leaves tired skin smooth and plump.

Mink Eyelashes

Road test: Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum and Madonna reportedly swear by their mink eyelash extensions (softer and more natural-looking than acrylic or silk), so when a Love Those Lashes salon offered me my very own set to trial, who was I to refuse?
After removing my mascara, lash artist Jinny carefully stuck my lower lashes down with surgical tape to create a platform and, as I relaxed over the next hour into near-sleep, her tiny fingers moved like butterflies across my lids, sticking over 100 tiny “cruelty-free hairs” (gently shaved from the dear little mink’s tail) halfway down each of my natural lashes with medical-grade adhesive. The results were stunning, natural-looking and sunglasses-scraping. I was told to avoid mascara and oily make-up removers, which (oh joy!) shaved 20 minutes off my daily beauty routine.
It was all deliciously low-maintenance and for holidays it was a miracle: I could swim and emerge Ursula Andress-like from the water. I did, however, notice my lashes falling out more regularly and suspect that a continued lash addiction (infills are needed around every three weeks) may weaken natural lashes.

The Top Hair Trends from New York Fashion Week

From pastel highlights to Grace Coddington’s signature frizz, the latest hair trends from New York Fashion Week

Designers took beauty to new extremes this season, with head-turning hairstyles that are simple to achieve but difficult to pull off. If you’re ready for a new look, we dare you to try pastel highlights, slicked back sheen or the new take on the Grace Coddington frizz.
Pastel-coloured hair was the most popular hair trend at NYFW. There were streaks at Peter Som and A Detacher, and completely coloured crowns at Narciso Rodriguez and Thakoon.

Pastel-coloured hair was the most popular hair trend at NYFW. There were streaks at Peter Som and A Detacher, and completely coloured crowns at Narciso Rodriguez and Thakoon.

Pastel-coloured hair was the most popular hair trend at NYFW. There were streaks at Peter Som and A Detacher, and completely coloured crowns at Narciso Rodriguez and Thakoon.

Pastel-coloured hair was the most popular hair trend at NYFW. There were streaks at Peter Som and A Detacher, and completely coloured crowns at Narciso Rodriguez and Thakoon.


London Fashion Week

The script of this London Fashion Week was written in advance. London in 2012 is all about the Olympics, after all, and these are the clothes London's designers will be selling next summer. Ergo ... well, it's obvious, isn't it? Cashmere will be out, and Lycra in; the go-faster stripe becomes the new Breton top.

Or so we thought. London's designers may not be the one-legged-trousered provocateurs they once were, but they still have a little of the awkward squad about them. So they refused to play ball with the neat concept of Olympic-themed summer collections. Where sportswear figured as an influence, it was in a highly stylised guise: racer-back dresses at Marios Schwab and Peter Pilotto; a satin tennis skirt at Christopher Kane; Aertex-effect shirts at JW Anderson.

London designers will not be dictated to. For all the ongoing tussles with New York and Milan over schedules, there is a real sense of confidence about London fashion week these days. For these few days, designers take ownership of the capital with an assurance that was not there a decade ago. All those fashion shows in disused car parks-in retrospect, they seem like reflection of fashion's self-image in those years as something self-consciously alternative, disenfranchised from the "real world". How times have changed. One of the joys of this week was touring the landmark buildings that designers had taken over for their shows.

The commandeering of the gorgeous Somerset House as London fashion week HQ and the now-regular Downing Street receptions have had a knock-on effect of inspiring designers to hold their events in the city's other famous addresses. So we went to the Tate Modern for Matthew Williamson, the Royal Courts of Justice for Giles Deacon, Queen Elizabeth Hall for Antonio Berardi, the Savoy for Maria Grachvogel and Erdem, Claridges for Mulberry, the Royal Opera House for Sass & Bide and the British Museum for Temperley. (OK, Beyoncé showed in a car park. But everyone knows the rules are different for megastars.)

But if the Olympians are not to be next season's muses, who is? Perhaps the Duchess of Cambridge-so feted by the fashion world on her wedding day only five months ago? There was an oblique reference, perhaps, at Temperley, where Pippa Middleton-who wore a green Temperley dress to her sister's evening reception in April – sat in the front row. One of the references cited for the collection was Tracy Lord in High Society, a character played by Grace Kelly-whose lace-sleeved wedding dress was similar in style to the Duchess's.

No, you're right – that's tenuous, even for fashion. The princess bride is, frankly, over. A mischievous mind could, however, see a connection between the Cambridges' married life in Anglesey and the fact that a new character – the Valiumed-out Stepford housewife – turned up on the catwalk this season. Jonathan Saunders, whose collection was once again among the very strongest, dressed his models in neat, modest, wifely shapes – a longish slim sheath dress, a crew-neck sweater with a knee-length skirt – but the fabrics and colours (chartreuse shantung silk, polka-dot pyjama silk) lent a tripped-out effect.

Shirts and trousers in matching prints (a look not much seen in the last half century) made a comeback on several catwalks, while ponytails and flicked-out black eyeliner were ubiquitous both on models and on the front row.
But despite all this, London isn't really about trends at the moment. The British high street does trends so well these days that the smart designers have realised swimming with the crowd is no longer enough. Instead, they have decided to tell their own stories.


Do You Know How To Protect Your Eyesight?

Eyesight is the most important sense. About 80% of what we perceive through our senses comes from our sight. So Protecting our eyesight is very important. Protect your Eyesight so that you can have many more years to use your most valuable sense.

•By taking nutritional supplements that increase your antioxidant levels
•By eating foods rich in antioxidant vitamins and minerals
•By eliminating harmful lifestyle choices
•By developing and practicing good habits
•By doing Eye Exercises

Yes you can reduce your risk of developing Eye Diseases such as Cataracts, Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration by following the steps that help you Protect Your Eyesight.
Focus On What's Important
What we feed our bodies feeds our eyes. Many of the Vitamins and Minerals in our bodies are found in much higher concentrations in our eyes, so a diet lacking in these vitamins and minerals can lead to vision problems as we grow older.
Take the time every day to give your eyes (and the rest of your body) the nutritive support they need.

Eat the foods and take the supplements that provide the antioxidant vitamins and minerals your eyes require.
You'll Protect Your Eyesight, ensuring years of good eye health, and increasing the odds that you'll avoid blindness or vision loss for the rest of your life.
But foods and supplements are just part of the answer of How To Improve Your Eyesight.

Lifestyle changes, like reducing stress, will improve your eye health.
Avoiding bad habits (such as smoking), and develop good habits (such as juicing, and wearing sunglasses when outside), will help you Protect Your Eyesight.

In this article, you will find the information and tips you need to ensure that you and your family can avoid vision impairment and enjoy years of worry-free sight.
If you already suffer from an eye disease, you’ll find information on how to halt its progression and possibly reverse some of its effects on your vision.

The information available on this article, Protect Your Eyesight, is provided for information and learning purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice.
Once eyesight has degraded, many people will turn to companies such as Ultralase Eye Surgery to assist them in getting their vision back


Beauty Trend: Pretty in Pink Look

Pink is most girls' favourite and it also is the on-trend color of spring. Yes, just think pink this spring. A quick sweep across the eyes, a touch of contouring under cheeks and a lick of lipstick, and you'll be perfectly pretty in no time. Soft and sun-kissed on the current Spring/Summer runways, bright and vibrant in the resort collections, and unique and sophisticated in the fall shows, there's a pink for every skin tone and occasion.

Follow these five steps to get model-of-the-moment Arizona Muse's Vogue Australia cover look.GET THE LOOKCleanse and moisturise skin, then cover imperfections with Lancôme’s luminous Teint Miracle Foundation. For extra redness and under eyes, apply Lancôme's Touche Miracle Skin Perfecting Concealer and pat into skin.For Arizona's groomed brows, simply comb the hairs with Benefit's Speed Brow.

For fresh eyes, use your middle finger to sweep Nars Eyeshadow in Nepal (a sheer rose with a slight shimmer) over the eyelid and work into the crease. Apply Laura Mercier's Thickening and Building Mascara to curled lashes for a magnified and soft flutter.To get Arizona's softly sculpted cheeks, swirl together both tones of Yves Saint Laurent Blush Variation in Cinnamon Rose and sweep under the cheekbone with MAC's Large Angled Contour Brush.

Slowly build the colour in a buffing motion until the cheekbones are defined.Finish the look with a slick of pink lipstick. We love Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick in Diorkiss.


Three Sydney Spas to Book Today

Get body beautiful for spring with a luxe treatment from one of Sydney’s top spas.

Panpuri Organic Spa, Suite G.02, 55 Miller St, Pyrmont.

New to Australian shores, this opulent six-star Thai spa is otherworldly. Encased in gold tiles and warm light, the space is filled with the purest aromas of Thai jasmine, vetiver and rose absolute. With eight treatment rooms including a massage room, relaxation room, hydrotherapy bath and steam room, choose from one of their rejuvenating facials or our favourite, the Chivit Chiva De-stressing massage. A deep-tissue massage, firm strokes increase blood flow and loosen those strained, sore spots. Using only natural and organic ingredients, Panpuri is Sydney’s best lavish escape.

Shangri-La Chi Spa, 176 Cumberland St, The Rocks.

The Himalayas come to Sydney Harbour at Shangri-La’s Chi Spa. With Tibetan bells and traditional artifacts adorning each treatment room, tranquility is the only option. The treatments are based on the belief that in order to live well, Chi must flow freely through the body. With a range of healing massages and revitalising facials to choose from, we tried the Pearl Brightening Body Glow. A pearl body polish is massaged over the body focusing on the Chi pressure points. Improving circulation, collagen production and skin tone, the treatment is completed with a slathering of vanilla orchid and rose body cream. Chi Spa is Sydney’s serene retreat with a spectacular view.

Aesop, 72a Oxford St, Paddington.

For lovers of simplified and streamlined aesthetics, head to Aesop’s Oxford Street shop for some relaxing skin therapy. This cult Aussie beauty brand known for their rich aromas, apothecary style packaging and obsession with all things intellectual is slowly adding facial treatments to their repertoire. With a focus on nourishing the skin and protecting it with antioxidants, Aesop’s plant-based products are heavenly under the hands of facial therapist Sabrina Kafka Girard. With six facials to choose from, we recommend the Detox Overhaul for this time of year. Let Girard spring clean the skin and cast away congested complexions.


Some Useful Tips for Your Bridal Make Up

One day that seems to be the most important in your life beside the day when you were born, is the wedding day. This is planned already to take place in the near future and till then you are supposed to gather all your forces into planning the aspect of both your weeding atmosphere and that of your bridal look. This last aspect is always complemented by a nice looking make up, actually the best bridal make up that you can get as this one should be totally different than the one you were used to wear up to now.

But with your wedding event the use of make up requires the knowledge of at least the most popular and widely used make up advice. This will include the application of your foundation, the use of the eyeliners and concealers, the eye shadow, lop liner, and lipstick. The following bridal make up tips should help you into taking proper care of applying these products:
* The foundation cream that you use should match the skin color of your face and your neck. If you use a lighter or darker nuance, you will fail to define the natural appearance of your skin. When choosing the foundation cream you can check it on your arm skin to see in what way it matches the color of your skin.

* If you have decided upon the foundation cream color, you should proceed into cleaning your face and neck with a damp cloth or tissue paper removing as such the dust particles.
* When applying the foundation use a soft pad avoiding the harsh rubbing. Through the gentle application you can ensure a uniformly applied layer of foundation of your face and your neck.
* Do not forget to use the concealers in order to hide the pimples or blemishes. Do not also apply the concealer in a thick layer as it can become darker emphasizing more the specific spot rather than concealing it.  Use a concealer that has the same shade with the one of the foundation used.

* Use eyeliner of a light color if the dress is of light color, too. Use the eyelid base also light colored as in this way it can help to a better blending into the skin tone providing a more prominent complexion.
* The use of lipstick and lip gloss should be done in perfect accordance with the style of the dress. If the dress is that of a bolder design, then  the choice of red lipstick can work great, especially for the wedding photos that you need to take.


Spring’s lipstick trends

Make your lips the focal point of your look this September, with on-trend colours and a pretty lippy that raises money for women’s health.

Put away the plums, never mind the nudes and ditch deep reds – it’s time to get colourful for spring! Take your lipstick cues from Australian designers and embrace bright pops of orange, terracotta and pinky coral. For a stunning finish, prep lips like you would your skin by gently exfoliating and hydrating.

Make the most of your pout by supporting the Liptember Foundation. Each September the Foundation chooses a lipstick that, when purchased from Myer, raises funds and awareness for the Centre For Women’s Mental Health and Lifeline Australia. This year’s pick is on-trend with a pretty, pinky tint.

 The Foundation encourages women to wear the lipstick throughout the month and gain sponsorship from family, friends and co-workers. A chic and wonderful initiative.


Worn with prints and colour blocking, it’s clear orange is in. Karla Spetic paired orange lips with every colour imaginable at her S/S 2011 show, including navy, lime and lilac. With a slick ’do and fresh skin, orange will work for you, too.

For the brightest of the bunch, head to British brand Illamasqua. Known for their vivid hues and professional quality, Flare is our orange of choice.

The prettiest shade of coral was on show at Camilla and Marc. Created by Lancôme’s national make-up artist Michael Brown, he reveals, “We mixed two shades of L’Absolu Rouge together. The first was an orange-based red to create depth and then a coral colour was layered on top to add a little sheen.” For a similar finish, try L’Absolu Nu in 302 Voile de Rose. Lightweight, lovely and very moisturising, it’s a gorgeous pick-me-up for every complexion.


Top Five Most Expensive Watches

It can be said that watch collecting may be one of the most expensive hobbies in the world. It can also be one of the most rewarding. A watch is a reflection of you and your lifestyle that is about your social and financial status. Look at top 5 most expensive watches are captured below:


Being one of the most expensive watches, it can display the 24 hour –time zone in the different countries. It is mainly made up of heavy platinum case and 18 carats gold micro rotor. The features of these are watches such that the 24 world cities are indicated by the white outer ring and the hour scale is by middle ring. It can also distinguish the process of day and night .This is the most unique function of this platinum watch.

LOUIS MOINET-METEORIS:  Worth 4,599,487 Dollars

In this expensive watch, the materials used in these watches are from the moon meteorite and hence got its name. It has a hand engraved dial and the outer cores are made up of 18 carats white gold or rose gold. The diamonds are also used for the decorative purposes.


These are most expensive pocket watches with two faces. It is manufactured for Henry Graves.  These are generally made up of yellow – gold materials which have 18 carats of gold and have 24 complications. These 24 complications refer the name of the watch.

201-CARAT CHOPARD: Worth 24 Million Dollars

These watches has the most expensive and beautiful stones. It is surrounded by three most wonderful stones which are red (15 carats), blue (12 carats) and silver (11 carats) colored heart shaped diamonds. It also has the white and yellow diamonds (163 carats). The white diamonds are arrange to form flowers and the yellow is placed at the center. Totally it has 201 carats of diamonds, hence the name.


Seen on the hands of many Hollywood actresses, this is the most expensive watch in the world. In this watch, an unsystematic series of jewellery puzzle are below. There are gold, silver and diamond cabochons patterns. These watches have 576 diamonds and 18 carats white gold. It is like a bracelet. In the square units of watch the diamonds are fixed so beautifully.


Get Married in the Las Wedding Chapel

Still remember Ross and Richel in FRIENDS? They get married in Las Vegas, which is famous as"the wedding capital of the world" and in case you look for Las Vegas wedding chapel to have your special event performed, the internet reviews are the best places to find what you need. As with any other online purchases, especially when it comes to products or services that are too many to make possible a choice from the very beginning, you should go for what the services packages include as well as for the prices comparison.

It is estimated that more than 100,000 couples choose the Las Vegas as a destination for their wedding celebration, and a wide part of them choose the Las Vegas wedding chapels as places to have their marriage pronounced. Many of these chapels are built also as attraction points for tourists visiting Las Vegas, in case that some of them decide to get married on the spot to be able to choose "live" the place to have their marriage concluded.

With the decision of having your marriage declared in one of the Las Vegas wedding chapels, you should visit the sites although the number of these chapels is almost overwhelming. Once accessing the specific website you shouldn't neglect the reviews of various customers as well as the images and various online records of such events.
With the event being filmed and broadcast online you are given the opportunity to see how the marriage service is performed, you can see as well the interior of the chapel that can be very inspiring into organizing the entire event. Thus you will decide if there is place for inviting a number of guests or only some friends to witness the special day of your life.

Accessing the Las Vegas wedding chapel sites you will reach to various planners who base their wedding services on different themes, from romantic style to traditional one. In case money is an issue and you want to limit the expenses to the modest style of a Las Vegas wedding celebration, then you should go for Las Vegas Wedding Chapels, a site that provides plenty of information regarding weddings performed inside chapels, gazebos, casinos, hotels and many other more.
There are various available packages to choose from, you can select from intimate, modest Las Vegas wedding chapel celebration to big band-ed weddings with plenty go guests attending. According to your own needs and wishes you can easily compare and then choose the most appropriate Las Vegas wedding chapel to match your own criteria.


Bridal Guide

Bridal Guide is a lengthy magazine designed to appeal to brides in waiting and to those women who see marriage on the horizon. This magazine is devoted to bridal fashion and to other things that are involved in making the day special and memorable. Besides the fashion, one can read about wedding planning, honeymoon ideas, photography, and other wedding- related things.
When you read a copy of Bridal Guide, what stands out more than anything are the photos. This is the main reason people read this magazine in the first place: To look at wedding attire and compare different styles. Models wearing wedding gowns are abundant in this publication and some of the bridal gowns they adorn are quite stunning. To help future brides make a possible purchase, it is common to find a phone number and/or a web site with the majority of the photos. Bridal attire is the main focus of this magazine, but there are also some pictures of grooms and of other wedding party members, with models displaying other fashions for sale, once again complete with phone number and web page.

The part of this magazine that focuses its attention on honeymoons and travel is probably my favorite part of the issue. What I like is the fact that this is one part of the magazine that can appeal/apply to anyone, regardless of marital status. These honeymoon tips and destination information provide some good reading material for the bride to be or anyone else who happens to read the magazine.

Bridal Guide is a very lengthy publication, with each issue containing around 500 pages! This is more than double the length of most other magazines and it can make the issue seem a little overwhelming at times. Also, this magazine is saturated with ads. Since the majority of the gown- clad models are, in effect, advertisements for a specific fashion brand, one can expect to find ads covering the vast majority of this magazine's pages. This could be annoying to some, but one must bear in mind that the magazine's focus is wedding planning, so excessive advertising is expected.
For young brides- to- be or bridal wannabes, this is a handy magazine to have around. It's very long, but it contains lots of fashion and wedding planning ideas to make the big day one to remember forever.