Blair Waldorf's Dresses & Skirts

Blair Waldorf, played by actress Leighton Meester, is Serena’s best friend on Gossip Girl, and the “Queen Bee” of the Constance Billiard School for Girls. With a fashion designer for a mother, it’s no surprise that Blair has amazing fashion sense and a true signature style.

Blair Waldorf StyleBlair’s style is very classic, preppy, and polished. She always looks as if she stepped out of a department store window; her outfit is flawless, and she never has a hair out of place. Blair’s fashion sense is definitely the quintessential upper-east-side stereotype, and she’s not ashamed of it!

Blair would never step outside with unwashed hair, wear an outfit that didn’t match, or buy anything “distressed” or “boho chic.”  That said, here are some of Blair’s signature looks, pieces you can almost always catch Ms. Waldorf wearing around the streets of Manhattan.

Dresses & Skirts
When I was looking for photos of Leighton Meester / Blair Waldorf, I quickly realized that I couldn’t find a single photo of her wearing pants! Blair is all about skirts and dresses, worn with tights in the winter and bare legs in the warmer months. She’s not into denim at all, so if you want to dress like Blair, forget about jeans.

For lots of cute dresses, look for designer pieces at ShopBop (their sale section can have some great bargains!), and cheaper dresses at H&M and Charlotte Russe. Look for structured dresses in high-quality materials, with fun details like ruffles and belts to get the Blair look.


Vitamins for Women

Vitamins for women are a must, especially if she's an on the go woman. Most women and people in general don't get enough nutrients in their food. Not to mention, the stress and chaos of the day that makes us crave the wrong kind of foods. As a result, our body can use the extra help that vitamins will provide.

1. To choose vitamins for women you first need to analyze your diet. This way you can determine the vitamin dosage needed. For example, vitamin C is one of the vitamins that are recommended for women. The next step then would be to check your diet and see how much vitamin C is consumed. If it's low you up the vitamin dosage and if it's high you lower it.

Understand the vitamin you're taking and why you're taking it. The internet is the best place to find the info you need. While there are certain vitamins for women that come recommended this doesn't mean it's the same for every woman. For instance, a woman who has health concerns would need to be more careful and take more precautions than a healthier woman.

2. Consider calcium another vitamin women need. Older women need more of it due to bone density issues. However, it's still important to do the research according to your age and health concerns to select proper dosage. Don't just pick a random bottle of calcium and start taking it.

Vitamin D helps activate calcium, so you might say they go hand in hand. If you take medications get advice from a doctor or nutritionist, before you take any combination of Calcium and vitamin D. Even though they work together the combination can be tricky, it's best to play it safe.

3. Take vitamin E for the skin, hair and its antioxidant properties. You have probably noticed it's used in skin and hair products. Vitamin E also has other great benefits as you will learn in your research.

All the B vitamins are important vitamins for women. However, there are three that are more important than the others and they are B6, B12 and folic acid. The B vitamins are used to improve energy and brain function as well as develop the central nervous system. Taking a B complex vitamin should suffice.

4. Be aware that the dosage and combination needed, will vary from woman to woman. Each one of these vitamins for women has their own benefits and purpose. Do your homework and decide which combination is right for you.
Additionally, research and study what foods contain each vitamin, so that you can calculate vitamin dosage. Lastly, other considerations are pregnant women, breastfeeding, PMS, menopause and medications.


Oscars 2011 Opening

Very Entertaining Anne Hathaway and James Franco Opening for Oscars 2011 includes James Franco in Tights and Anne Hathaway as brown duck.



Queen Elizabeth's Style

As it is known that how expensive weddings are nowadays, especially the necessary wedding dresses. It would be rather hard to believe that there can be cheap wedding dresses under 100 dollars. But this is true. Many couples have a tight budget and can not afford to spend all their savings on this big day. What's more, some brides also need to prepare bridesmaid dresses for their bridal parties. As a result, they are trying to find dresses in order to save much money.

The best place where to look for such dresses even including the bridesmaid dress under 100 dollars is of course inside the online collections. Through the search engine, you will be able to locate the online stores that can have bridal wedding gowns which are for sale for vary reasons. Most of the reasons will revolve around the fact that these dresses are no longer on fashion and they pertain to the "too long in the stock" dresses. Many of them are also sold on auction because former brides have decided to sell them for not occupying too much room in their dressing.

When looking on line for dresses under 100 dollars, you must be aware of the fact that unlike brand new cocktail dresses, the majority of them may have been previously worn by another bride. This will determine you to have it taken by a cleaning service house to make sure that is completely clean.

If there will be some small alterations that you need to make for the bridal wedding gown, do not hesitate to have a professional couturiere checking on it. In this way, you would make sure that everything is set in order, that the zipper won't fail on you or the hemline will fall off when stepping on it. At this price everything is possible, not to mention that the same price won't ask of you to be that demanding.

After all, there is only a small amount of money involved in this acquiring so you needn't be that demanding. Of course that you shouldn't be satisfied with anything that looks inappropriate, such as a torn off fabric generally at the hemline where many brides are in the habit of stepping on. Or something that is beyond repair shouldn't as well be agreed upon even if this is a cheap wedding dress under 100 dollars. You also can use this way when buying bridesmaid dresses.


Vogue road-tests mineral make-up

Sigourney Cantelo road-tests mineral make-up and finds a new favourite that delivers a luminous result.

Although minerals have been used in make-up for centuries (the Egyptians made green eye make-up out of malachite), I was all over it when the mineral make-up trend exploded on the beauty scene about five years ago. I really wanted to like it: dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons were singing its praises for being all-natural, calming, redness-reducing and non-irritant (great for sensitive skins). The added bonus was that two of the most commonly used minerals in the foundations, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, also happen to be natural sunscreens. Make-up that protects you from the sun and is actually good for your skin? Foundation that is so pure you can sleep in it? It seemed too good to be true.

So I set about testing them. I doggedly made my way through brand after brand, sacrificing countless pairs of trousers to powder spills (my white Oscar de la Renta capri pants still haven’t forgiven me), and getting a fright if I caught a glimpse of my strange pancaked face in a mirror: they were always too yellow, too sheer or dehydrating.

Coming from the school of radiance-enhancing liquid foundations, I couldn’t come to terms with this powdered beast of a category. I knew minerals were good for me, but try as I might, I didn’t like them. Kind of like brussels sprouts. And, as with those nasty little green vegetables, I’d given up. Resigned, I plunged face-first back into my treasured liquid foundations. Imagine my surprise, then, when years later a formula crosses my desk that promises me the best of both worlds, the do-gooder magic of minerals combined with the wicked, silky seduction of a liquid.

Sure enough, Napoleon Perdis’s new Rock On mineral make-up collection features a lightweight, sheeny, oil-free liquid foundation that has all the benefits of regular mineral foundations without the pancake factor. And that, according to Perdis, was vital.
“I’ve avoided doing a mineral make-up for years because I didn’t like what was out there; they were always too chalky and ageing,” he says when we catch up in Sydney. The jet-setting beauty entrepreneur is over from Hollywood for a week of meetings, and promised me a sneak peek at his new creation. Prior to our interview, Napoleon Perdis’s national creative team leader Kate Squires gave me a quick makeover with it and I’m impressed. It’s dewy and luminous, yet lightweight and breathable. I tell Perdis.
“It’s good, isn’t it? There was such a demand for minerals that I was asking: ‘How do I do it better?’ So I’ve been working with a chemist, and we’ve come up with a new technology that is free of dyes, oil, preservatives and other irritants. All of which makes it a fantastic option for women with sensitised skin and those who suffer with acne and rosacea,” he says, adding that, as a make-up artist, modern minerals are really beautiful to work with. “Choosing a mineral make-up is no longer the trade-off it used to be. This has the ability to synch with the skin in a way I’ve never experienced.”

The Rock On mineral make-up collection features the Mattifying Mineral Primer powder, which, according to Perdis, is “a superfine, skin-perfecting powder primer that can be used both before and after foundation to prep and set the skin” and the Advanced Mineral Makeup, “a flawless-finish liquid foundation with sun protection”.
With this innovative duo, Perdis has reversed the traditional application process. With most mineral foundations you start with the liquid primer, then use a powder make-up on top; the Rock On method does things the other way around. The powder primer contains dermal-protecting antioxidants and absorbs excess oil while counteracting any redness. The liquid foundation can be applied sparingly for a sheer, semi-matt finish, or layered and built up for more coverage. If you like a powdered, matt finish, the primer can be used again after the liquid to set your make-up for a long-lasting “day to dinner” wear. And last it does.

When I head to a chic eatery that night I’m able to skip the touch-up completely. Needless to say, I am a born-again mineral make-up convert. Which just goes to show, sometimes it’s worth giving irksome things a second chance. As I peruse the menu, I catch sight of some brussels sprouts served with bacon and chestnuts … maybe, just maybe, if it’s drowning in butter, I could stomach one.


Work for Vogue

Jobs at Vogue are incredibly competitive. The job requirements will vary according to the exact position for which you are applying. There are a number of different things that you can do to increase your chances of getting the job. Here are some of the tips that anyone interested in being able to work for Vogue will benefit from.

Earn a college degree. A bachelor's degree may be suitable for some job positions, but a master's degree will increase your chances of getting the job. The degree that's right for you will depend on the job you're interested in. To be a writer or editor, a degree in journalism, English, or creative writing would be ideal. To be a photography, a degree in photography or another art could be for you. It is also ideal to have a degree in a field related to fashion if you are interested in working for Vogue.

Get experience. You can do this by working for other magazines and newspapers at the regional or national level. Web writing is also a very common way to get experience. Most of the jobs that you will be applying for at Vogue will require you to have at least three to five years experience.

Work in editing positions. Most local papers will have a positions available for editors. Also keep in mind that it may be a good idea to work as an editor for your college's newspaper if is still early enough to do so.

Take courses in web design. Vogue requires most of its employees to have knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, DOM, AJAX, JSP, JSTL, and Flash. You will also need to be familiar with how to use Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Create a portfolio of your work. It is ideal to have a printed version of your portfolio, but it is also a good idea to create an online portfolio. Build your own website to put your portfolio on. You can also save it in a computer document in case you need to send it along with your resume.

Search for Vogue career opportunities through Conde Nast, the publisher of Vogue. Apply for these jobs through the Conde Nast career search website.


Design a Wedding Food Table

It's the trickiest of balancing acts: designing a wedding food table that looks enticing, showcases a bounty of food and gives guests such easy access to serving dishes they never have to risk pearls falling into the guacamole when reaching for the bruschetta tray. Rather than spending a fortune on a pricey table designer, you've decided to tackle the project using a mix of common sense and creativity. The secret is to create multiple surface heights to showcase platters and bowls rather than cramming food-laden dishes atop a uniform surface.

1. Query the bride, the wedding planner or the caterer to ascertain how the reception area will be set up and, particularly, whether the food table you'll be designing is going to "float" in the middle of the reception area or be set up against a wall so you've an idea of how to build your wedding food table's infrastructure.

2. Obtain the measurements of the food table itself plus that of the largest platter that you will use to hold food dishes so that you've an idea of the width and depth of the boxes you'll need to build the food display. Sketch out a rough layout of the table, envisioning a city skyline so you've a good sense of how the food table will look when it's complete.

3. Tape closed a series of heavy cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes. Place the tallest of the boxes in the middle of the table if you're creating an island that allows wedding guests to replenish their plates from both sides of the food table. Arrange the largest boxes at the back of the food table that is against the wall.

4. Cover the table with a length of fabric and skirt it. Arrange graduated sizes of boxes atop the material until you're satisfied that there are plenty of individual surfaces capable of holding food-filled plates and trays. Toss additional lengths of fabric over the boxes and then drape, bunch and wrap the table, tucking selvages and raw edges underneath and in between the boxes so that no one can see them. Inspect the entire layout to make certain there are no exposed boxes.

5. Plug in and arrange strings of white holiday lights throughout the wedding table food display, using straight pins to secure the wires to the sides of the cardboard boxes. Fill in areas around the boxes on the wedding food table with greenery, silk flowers and live flowers---even fruit arrangements make great decorative touches, especially if the bride's theme color is in the citrus family.

6. Stack plates, utensils and napkins on one or both sides of the tabletop. Arrange plates and trays of food atop the boxes so that each of the dishes is easy to access from one or more sides of the wedding food table display.


So French and So Chic

It was all about pink make-up at the Paris collections, with models’ eyes and cheeks dusted in soft rosy shades. Add cherry red lips and you’ll be bang on beauty trend.

Pretty pink cheeks, glowing skin and sassy red lips made our list of the best beauty looks from the Paris catwalks. As expected, the must-see brands Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Nina Ricci and Stella McCartney made us swoon, while the usually bizarre offerings from Vivienne Westwood and Rick Owens delighted us. Get out your pinks and reds as this spring/summer it’s time to be une jolie femme.

Get complexion perfection like Natalia at Stella McCartney – the biggest trend on Parisian runways was glowing, lit-from-within skin. Keep your look simple and layer highlighter after highlighter.Stella McCartney

The make-up looks at Valentino and Chanel were simply stunning.  Fresh skin, pink eyeshadow and a touch of liner called to mind Vogue Australia’s pretty in pink October covergirl Arizona Muse. Take your pick of shimmery or matte shadows for a sophisticated look.

The cherry red lips at Yves Saint Laurent made our hearts skip a beat. Paired with porcelain skin and brown eye shadow, it’s the perfect spring/summer cocktail look (although we advise to keep your eyebrows!)

Summer usually inspires bronzed faces and peachy cheeks but this season the designers in Paris are telling us pink is chic. We’re loving the hot pink flush from Vivienne Westwood’s runway and the sickly sweet baby pink on Viktor & Rolf’s dolly girls.

While the majority of looks in Paris were as pretty as a picture, we couldn’t help but notice the bold stripes of eyeshadow across lids at Balenciaga, Miu Miu and Rue du Mail. Make-up artists created rigid blocks of colour in olive, red and black for a fierce, confident look. Could this be the new cat eye?


Delicious High Fiber Foods for Diabetics

A diabetic is limited to the amount of carbohydrates he can eat during the day, so it is crucial that he choose foods that are high in fiber and low in carbohydrates, or at least contain resistant starches. While "delicious" is a subjective term, fresh fruits, beans, nuts and vegetables are a healthy choice. According to the Mayo Clinic, "the recommended fiber amounts for women is 21 to 25 grams a day and for men is 30 to 38 grams a day."
Diabetic Friendly Fruits
Berries are a safe fruit for most diabetics. This is because berries such as raspberries, blueberries and strawberries are low in both sugar and carbohydrates.
Raspberries have 8 grams of fiber per one cup serving. A one cup size serving of blueberries has 3.5 grams of fiber. Strawberries have 3.3 grams of fiber per one cup serving.
While most breads are limited, German pumpernickel bread and rye bread are healthy options for many diabetics. These breads are also good sources of fiber. German pumpernickel bread has 1.2 grams of fiber per slice, and rye bread has 1.9 grams of fiber per slice.
The good thing about traditional German pumpernickel and rye bread is that they are both resistant starches, so they are digested in the colon instead of the stomach. This means that they are much better at keeping blood sugar levels stable.
Beans and Nuts
Doctors recommend a diet rich in protein for diabetics. Beans and nuts are an excellent source of both protein and fiber. High fiber beans include split peas, lentils, black beans and lima beans. A one cup serving of split peas contains 16.3 grams of fiber, lentils contain 15.6 grams of fiber, black beans contain 15 grams of fiber, and lima beans have 13.2 grams of fiber.
Many nuts have a generous amount of fiber. In a ¼-cup serving of hulled sunflower seeds, there are 3.6 grams of fiber. Almonds, in a 1-ounce serving, which is about 22 nuts, offer 3.3 grams of fiber. Pistachio nuts have 2.9 grams of fiber in a 1-ounce serving, about 49 nuts. And pecans have 2.7 grams of fiber in a 1-ounce serving, or 19 halves.
Vegetables are good source of vitamins and fiber. High fiber diabetic-friendly vegetables include artichokes, broccoli, turnip greens, brussel sprouts, and carrots.
One medium artichoke has 10.3 grams of fiber. Broccoli when boiled has 5.1 grams of fiber per cup. Turnip greens, for one cup, have 5 grams of fiber. One raw medium carrot provides 1.7 grams of fiber.


Make-up Magic in Milan

Re-invent your make-up with the best 5 beauty trends hot off the catwalks of Milan.

The make-up looks in Milan were as decadent and dazzling as the gowns at Gucci. Even the ‘no make-up’ make-up felt polished and sophisticated. Trends to try include gorgeous glossy skin, a touch of bold glamour and sultry, smoky eyes perfect for evenings. Get your lashes on and dark eyeshadows out and paint yourself stunning à la Dolce & Gabbana’s Sophia Loren femmes.
Don’t be afraid to show some leg this spring/summer like the girls at Just Cavalli and Blumarine. Get glossy limbs with a quick slick of Benefit’s Bathina shimmering body balm and be instantly catwalk ready. For complexion perfection – as seen at Versace – mix Smashbox’s Artificial Light into moisturiser or foundation for a fresh, pearly glow.

Take your cues from D&G and Dolce & Gabbana and only apply mascara to lashes on the outer corners of the eyes – a little lash love makes for a wide-eyed stare. For dramatic effect do as make-up artist Pat McGrath did and add liner and a few flash lashes to the edges of the top row.

Gucci, Pucci, Moschino and more sent smoky eyed gals down the runways. Generally reserved for the autumn/winter shows, smoky eyes were made summery with lovely, fresh skin and a little bit of lip gloss.

The hottest lip trend of Milan Fashion Week was in fact, no lips. Prada, Jil Sander, Max Mara – all the best runways saw models sporting concealed lips. Whether the look was classic, sporty or edgy, make-up artists favoured MAC’s Lip Erase pot for toned down pouts.
If the heavy, straight brows on Alberta Ferretti’s and Max Mara’s runways look familiar it’s because we saw them last season at Alexander Wang. This time around, complexions were warmer and cheeks slightly flushed for an athletic effect.

Hair trends from Paris

Influenced by Parisian insouciance, the best hairstyles at Paris Fashion Week were polished, pretty and fuss-free.

This season in Paris, hair is all about long healthy locks, deep side parts and pretty accessories.

It’s time to get out the ghd and shine serum, and play with your favourite barrettes and bands; we were particularly enamoured with Chanel’s pearl clips and the white laurel headbands at Andrew Gn.
While a middle part will always be an easy go-to, right now, the deep side part is having its day. For the past year this part has been popping up all over the catwalks and this season the French are determined to make it a staple. Top shows
Balenciaga, Céline and Costume National kept hair clean, chic and simple. We think it’s time to take note, Carine.

Windswept hair never looked so good. Parisian It-brands Carven, Louis Vuitton and Haider Ackermann all had models strutting the runway with piecey, textured up-dos. Both Carven and Haider had sections of hair falling around the face while Louis Vuitton’s French roll showed a touch of futurism. LV is our pick of this season’s windswept looks.

No matter whether hair is out, up or somewhere in between, take Paris’ lead and add an accessory or two to your style. Chanel sent stunning mermaids down the runway with wet hair and fresh white pearls; Alexis Mabille sprinkled little flowers throughout the hair; and Andrew Gn took inspiration from the baroque Bernini and gave models white laurel wreaths in the vein of the statue of Apollo and Daphne. With race day on the way, take your pick of these pretty additions.


Elie Saab

Elie Saab named his Spring collection Color Shock, and though he opened with a group of pearly pales, he soon segued into more vivid shades in the bright thread he began for Resort. That collection scored him big at the Emmys a few weeks ago; Kate Winslet wore his clean-lined but clingy scarlet gown. It stands to reason that many of these HD-ready, eye-catching dresses—in particular, an emerald plunge-neck style with snaking trails of sequins and the plummy chiffon number with tiny lace cap sleeves—will meet a similar Ryan Seacrest-discussed fate.

Saab's biggest evening statement was sequins, which came graduated and rippling or set into plissé pleats. When he went unembellished, the drama came from languid and floaty seventies-ish silhouettes with tie necks or sexy asymmetrical necklines and up-to-there slits. The third building block was lace, which was actually most interesting when it was barely detectable, set into seams of neat wool daywear dresses.

Saab has probably the only ready-to-wear show with a separate line outside for clients. It's for them that he cycles so extensively through his chosen palette, repeating near identical styles. They may eat it up, but as usual the editorial set got a little glazed over. The only shock was the natural wonder of Karlie Kloss' legs closing the show.

Can it really be nearly ten years since Elie Saab caught the world's attention when he dressed Halle Berry for the Oscars? Of course, it was actually Halle who bagged the eyeball time, because Saab let her let it all hang out. My, how times have changed. Sure, there was plenty of décolleté, and sinuous limbs slipping out from skirts that were, at times, almost too split, but what today's show really evoked was the up-to-the-neck missy-ness of Norma Shearer, an Oscar winner from centuries ago. One long tulle and organza gown, piled with flowers at the shoulder and tied with grosgrain at the waist, would surely have driven La Shearer into a paroxysm of desire. Coupled with the exceptionally sweet hair and makeup, this peculiar sense of propriety took Saab's collection into territory that was new for him. It was certainly a world away from the sparks struck by his last Couture show. Just look at the bride—last time, she shimmered with hints of gold. Here, her gown drooped with organza flowers and tatters of mousseline, and her veil was almost shroudlike. "Miss Havisham," suggested one waggish onlooker. Now that's a role that could win a woman an Oscar.

How to do Natural Makeup

Makeup can be made with all-natural ingredients which are less toxic than makeup that is synthetically manufactured. Some synthetic ingredients are very toxic and are even classified as known carcinogens. Makeup made primarily of natural ingredients is a much safer alternative to chemically latent makeups. It is very important to be aware of the ingredients in which we expose our bodies to. Makeup is placed on our skin and the skin is the largest organ of the body, which absorbs everything we place on it. When a makeup's ingredient label is read and one cannot pronounce the ingredients nor have any idea what they are this should be a warning signal. Many natural ingredients can be used to create fine quality makeup.

Beeswax has been praised throughout the centuries for its many uses in cosmetics. bee, wax image by Greg Pickens from Fotolia.com
Beeswax has been used throughout the centuries as a main ingredient in cosmetics. It works as an excellent solidifying base for makeup foundations, creams and lipsticks. The beeswax is completely non-toxic and creates a protective barrier for the skin. Many non-toxic makeup recipes call for beeswax as one of their main and most significant ingredients.

Natural Cosmetic Clays and Cornstarch
Natural clays and cornstarch can be used to create powder foundation. make up image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.com
Natural cosmetic clays and cornstarch are ingredients found in many all-natural makeup lines.They help to absorb excess oils on the face and reduce shine. The natural clays and cornstarch may also provide coverage for blemishes as well as leave the skin feeling softer with a much smoother appearance.

Natural Color Pigments
Natural color pigments will open a door to many color possibilities for makeup. eyeshadow image by nutech21 from Fotolia.com
The bright colors of lipsticks, eyeliners, blushes and eye shadows can be created with natural color pigments. Incorporating natural color pigments into makeup recipes will open a door to many color possibilities. Natural color pigments are true and extremely vibrant.There are many different colored pigments that can be mixed and tweaked to create a signature color for one's makeup.The natural color pigments wear well on the skin, being less likely to fade.

Essential and Carrier Oils
Natural carrier and essential oils add beneficial properties to makeup. bottle with oil and spices image by Alexandra Gnatush-Kostenko from Fotolia.com
Many natural makeup recipes include the use of natural oils which carry beneficial essential oils. Jojoba oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil can be used in many natural cosmetics. They provide moisture and protection for the skin. Essential oils such as sage and rosemary essential oils are antioxidants for the skin. Rose essential oil may be used to nourish mature skin and prevent wrinkles. It has also been found to have antibacterial as well as therapeutic properties and when used in natural cosmetics it will yield a sweet aroma.