People cannot live without water. Most of water in our planet is from Oceans. It can be said that without oceans, we also cannot live. But how much do you know about oceans? Do you really understand it? Océans is a good movie worth watching again and again. It is interesting but at the same time full of knowledge, which means that when you are enjoying the excellent movie, you also can learn a lot about oceans from it.

Raise a Kitten Will be a Happy Experience

Kittens are a wonderful addition to any family. However, if you want your kitten to grow into a great cat, you will need to start right away. Taking the proper steps in the beginning will keep it from destroying your furniture, ruining your rugs, and making a giant nuisance out of him or herself.

Make sure you have everything that you need. This includes food, litter box, litter, a scratching post and cat toys.

Choose a good quality kitten food. Kittens need more nutrients than adult cats.

you will need several smaller litter boxes. Kittens have small bladders and can not always make it back to the main litter box in time. You can use boxes cut down to size that are lined with trash bags. Place them in visible areas in the main areas of the home. As the kitten gets older, you can slowly reduce the number of litter boxes.

Pick a kitten that is healthy. It should also have a shiny coat and clear eyes.

Although it may be very difficult, have the kitten ride home in its cat carrier. This will help get it used to it as well keep it calmer because it will feel more secure. Plus, you don't want it darting out of the car and getting hurt.

You should plan on taking your kitten to the vet within as soon as possible. Not only will it need shots and worming, but it should be thoroughly checked out for any other problems.


Hot Short Cocktail Dresses

Red V-neckline
1. This custom made dress is made of taffeta.
2. This 18 features empire trim with beaded detail.

Pink Sweetheart
1. This custom made dress is made of taffeta.
2. This 18 features empire trim with beaded detail.
Silver Asymmetrical
1. This custom made dress is made of taffeta.
2. This 18 features its triple dropped strap and rouched design.


Choose Tango Clothes

The sultry dance of Argentine tango requires clothing that makes you feel equally as sultry. But you don't have to be bound to the stereotypes of fedoras, fishnet, fringe and a rose between the teeth! Simple, comfortable clothing will do.

For Women
Go for comfort. In Argentine tango, the connection with your partner is more important than how you look on the dance floor. With this in mind, choose clothes that are comfortable to wear.

Be simple. Simply constructed clothes are more flattering on the dance floor and give you less to worry about. A simple, one-color halter dress with an asymmetrical hemline can be more stunning than a fancy gown-because the focus is on you, not on your clothing.

Get stretchy clothes made of fabrics that move to accommodate your footwork. This will ensure that your dance won't be affected by your clothing. You can be your most sultry self if you feel unconstrained.

Think about skirt length. Make sure your ganchos, leg wraps and boleos are unencumbered by a too-long skirt. Keep it no longer than calf length for your best dancing.

Consider pants. Gaucho and palazzo pants are especially flattering for tango, as the wide legs emphasize your steps. A flowing fabric will sweep around your legs and make your moves look even more dramatic.

Take your partner's comfort into account. Dresses studded with rhinestones or embellished with sequins may look good, but make sure that they will be comfortable for his embrace.

Choose something that makes you feel sexy. If that means a back-baring black dress for you, go for it! If you feel sexy in gaucho pants and a long-sleeved top, it's the right outfit! In most of today's milongas, almost any approach to clothing works for women. Use your own style as a guide, and don't feel bound to the traditional red and black of tango.

For MenCheck the fit. Your tango clothes should allow you to move freely and easily, with no constraint, regardless of your dance style.

Choose moisture-wicking fabrics for your shirts (or undershirts) if you're prone to sweating. Sweat stains may cause a follower to reject your dance invitation-she might be afraid of getting drenched! You can find moisture-wicking shirts at stores specializing in dancewear.

Wear what makes you feel sexy and comfortable, but don't be flashy. A simple button-down or short-sleeved shirt and attractive trousers in black or rather neutral colors are ideal. However, jeans, casual pants and t-shirts are appropriate for many milongas, especially those that cater to a younger crowd.

Watch your buckle! If you dance close embrace, your belt buckle becomes an obstacle for your follower-and can be quite painful in some situations. Be thoughtful and turn your buckle so it is well out of a follower's range.


How to Buy the Perfect Wallet

A wallet is one of the most important accessories a girl can own – after all, you use it multiple times a day, every single day.

When picking out a wallet, there are a lot of factors to consider: Do you prefer a wallet that zips shut, or would you rather have something with a snap closure? Is it important that your wallet be a neutral color, or do you prefer something more fun? Wallets are meant to be practical, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring!

Below, we’ll guide you through the process of investing in a new wallet, plus show you some adorable wallets for every budget.


If you’re ready to pick out a new wallet

1. Consider the Size
You should first think about what size is best for you. Do you want something that folds up, or do you prefer a long wallet? Are you going to be carrying around a checkbook? What about your passport? Does folding your money bother you? Do you plan on carrying your wallet in all your bags, clutches and small purses? How many items are you planning on keeping in your wallet?

If you’re not sure if a specific wallet will meet your size needs, it’s a good idea to test it out in the store (assuming the sales associates are OK with it!): bring everything you plan on keeping in your wallet, as well as the smallest bag in which you plan on carrying it, and try before you buy.

2. Consider What Currency You’ll Carry in It
If you usually carry coins and don’t want to use a change purse, make sure the wallet has a compartment for keeping coins so they don’t fall to the bottom of your bag – or worse, all over the floor whenever you take out your wallet!

Coin compartments are especially important if you travel outside of the US,, since many countries use coins more frequently than we do in the states – for example, the UK uses one-pound coins instead of notes, so you’re probably going to end up carrying around more coins than you’re used to!

3. Think About Storage for Cards
Make sure you pick a wallet with a ton of card slots; this is especially important if you carry around a ton of important cards!

Stuffing one slot with a bunch of cards will stretch it out and make it more likely that your cards will fall out. Plus, it’s simply a lot more convenient to know exactly where your cards are located, instead of having to dig through your wallet to find out in which section a certain card is hiding.


If quality and durability are important to you

You may want to think about spending more money on one wallet, rather than buying multiple cheaper wallets. It’s really a pain to switch out cards and everything else you carry around every time you want to wear a new bag!

If you can afford to spend a little extra cash, a wallet is a great accessory to invest in. A well-made wallet will last you ages, and it’s something practical that you’ll use literally every day.

Want a nicer wallet, but convinced you can’t afford one? Don’t forget to check outlet malls! Stores like Coach, Kate Spade and Saks (“Off Fifth”) have many outlets across the US where you can find great deals. If you live in a city like NYC or LA with tons of sample sales going on, those are also great ways to find a quality wallet for cheap.


Tips on Dressing for Cold Weather

Layers are your new best friend. Most buildings on campus will try to overcompensate for the chilly weather outside by cranking up the heat inside. It’s a nice gesture, but if you’re not wearing layers, you can end up sweating through your classes. Layering in a casual way is easy: start with a tank or tee, add a cardigan or sweater, and top it off with another jacket, scarf, and/or hat (depending on how cold it is outside). You’ll still look cute and will be comfortable no matter where you go.

Make scarves and hats your signature accessories. I started my love affair with scarves a few years ago, and I haven’t been able to give them up since. They come in literally thousands of shapes, colors, and patterns, and instantly add excitement and warmth to any outfit. Hats are another great option to keep your ears warm and cover up any bad hair days you may have.

Invest in a great pair of boots. This is especially important if you live somewhere where winter brings lots of snow and ice. A truly great pair of boots will keep your feet warm and match with a lot of different outfits you already have. Whether you like desert boots, riding boots, or an edgier option, find a pair you love and wear them with everything.

Pants are not the only option. Dresses and skirts are still definitely options when the weather turns colder. As long as you pair them with tights (sweater tights are particularly warm) you can stay true to your personal style without freezing.


Would You Wear Palazzo Pants?

If you are looking for a new way to dramatize your wardrobe this fall, palazzo pants may be your best bet. These trendy pants marry wide leg trousers with flowy fabric. At first glance, a pair could be mistaken for a maxi skirt, but once these bottoms are revealed, they are sure to add drama to any look.

Although palazzo pants were popular wear for movie stars in the 1940s (Katharine Hepburn, for example), they have never been a fashion staple. And since they seem to come in and out of style over long periods of time, they may not be the best investment. But it’s a risk I’m willing to take – I think I may have to add a pair to my wardrobe this winter!